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  English KM Docs

Identifying, controlling, measuring & reporting Innovative Competence (PDF/890KB)

Contribution of Thomas Auer to the «Service Innovation Yearbook 2010 - 2011», edited by the European Commission, Directorate for the Information Society and Media. Introduction of a modular system, which can be adapted to the individual goals and characteristics of innovation projects.
Download of the complete yearbook (PDF/2.8MB)

Knowledge Society and Artwork: No contradicition!
  Visualisation of the Knowledge Society’s true resources (PDF/198KB)
Knowledge Society  —  Quo vadis?
An Orwell’istic Time Journey to the Year 2020
  20 years after the Lisbon Conference the European Council met once more. The topic was the analysis, why the goals stated by March 2000 were not reached so far. At that time the council raised a strategy to make Europe to the leading knowledge society within 10 years.
Intellectual Capital and Investment Professionals:
The View of the Users
  Guest contribution by Fritz H. Rau, Chairman EFFAS. Hardcopy of his speech at the University of Ferrara.
Rating Intellectual Capital (PDF/215KB)
  T. Auer; In Wissensmanagement - Das Magazin für Führungskräfte (D); 06/2006:
After the introduction of the legendary Skandia navigator, dozens of new IC evaluation tools appear each year on the market.
INTRATE-15649 (PDF/36KB)
  A simple and practicable rating tool generating a harmonised report of the intangibles, based on a structural questionnaire; evaluated by using a reference taxonomy.
Intangibles Due Diligence (PDF/76KB)
  Today's Due Diligence analysts are asking for standardised tools to measure and benchmark intangibles. While searching for best practices, we were unable to find a convincing approach, but we found some ideas!
Intangibles Reports are a HIT but nobody looks after it (PDF/105KB)
Publication in Wissenschaftsmanagement 6/2005   (Germany), Page 12 - 16
  The innovative reporting tool “Intangibles Report” is actually in the early-adopter-phase. And it will remain there, until mental and instrumental barriers at the provider side (reporting organisations) and at the receiver side (stakeholders of the organisation) can be eliminated.
Slide Show including comments (PDF/150KB)
  Presentation of Swiss Intangibles Reports by Thomas Auer at the Intellectual Capital Symposium, International University of Germany, Bruchsal
Project Swiss Made Intangibles Reports  (PDF/48KB)
  Conceptual paper: Towards a standardised reporting form
Facing Swiss Made Intangibles Reports (PDF/24KB)
  Answers to the 12 most frequently asked questions
Why Knowledge Management Fails (PDF/61KB)
  Here, Prabhu Guptara assesses the reasons why knowledge management fails and offers some advice for successful implementation. With friendly permission for reproduction by Prof. Prabhu Guptara, Executive Director of WOLFSBERG - The Platform for Executive & Business Development
Promoting Knowledge Exchange (PDF/36KB)
  What differs knowledge from information and how do implement a knowledge management system
Intellectual Capital Portfolio (PDF/81KB)
  A method to quantify and visualise Intellectual Capital
Benchmarking Intellectual Capital (PDF/49KB)
  Financial Analysts ask for a IC benchmark tool: A pragmatic approach
Sustainability in context of knowledge society and demography
  The demographic time bomb ticks: Last call to treat knowledge in a sustainable manner!
Sustainability Core Subject: Knowledge  (PDF/42KB)
  The so-called most important resource shall be included into the sustainability scheme
KM for Non-Knowledge Managers  (PDF/41KB)
  Curriculum with teaching goal "Fundamentals of Knowledge Management"
Company Profile Auer Consulting (PDF/21KB)
Consultant Profile Thomas Auer (PDF/21KB)
Homestory Thomas Auer (PDF/940KB)
  This file discloses, how and where Thomas Auer lives, how his apperance changed over the years, what his hobbies are and why he has the right to call himself a superman.